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Simply enter your email, zipcode, and the MSRP of any new RV and the RV Dolphin Pricing Calculator analyzes industry specific data to determine the average selling price for the RV.

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The team at RV Dolphin has over 50 years of combined RV experience and they understand how important an educated consumer is to the industry. RV Dolphin was created to provide a reliable and easy to use resource for anyone buying or selling an RV. The best part is it is absolutely free to use and provides valuable information designed to save anyone time and money. Buying or selling an RV should be a fun experience and RV Dolphin provides the peace of mind consumers are looking for to make smart decisions.

Ask The Dolphin

What Is MSRP?

This is the price that you will see in the window or posted on the counter top in every RV. It typically has the manufacturer’s logo and states a base price then options. The number you need to enter to get the most accurate calculation is the bottom line final MSRP or Retail List price from this sticker.

Note: Most dealers post this sticker as a means of transparency. If you do not see this sticker or if the dealer has created their own, ask to see the original MSRP.

Extended Warranty

Once you have decided on the perfect RV for you and your family, you must also decide how you want to protect it. One thing I can say with confidence after over 25 years in the industry is that it’s not a matter of if something will go wrong, but when.

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Buying & Selling Tips

Everyone wants to know what their used RV is worth, and it’s wise for consumers to do their due diligence. However, the answer to the question above is not so simple. The reason is because there is one guide that is predominantly used in the industry that publishes two distinct categories of values.

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