Buying an RV during a pandemic

Buying an RV in a Pandemic

Covid-19 has affected everyone’s life around the world requiring all of us to adjust and adapt accordingly. One thing that has become evident is people will always find a way to enjoy life with their families. Many are turning to RV’s as an option to travel safely with their families and make the most of these trying times. According to a July 2020 CNBC article “Dealers are saying as high as 80% of customers are first-time buyers … vs. the typical 25% mix. The pandemic is driving the purchase decision for new-entrants.”

 Tips for making the best buying decision:

1. Do your research diligently

Decide what type of RV best fits your needs. What is your budget? What can you safely tow with your current vehicle? What can you store when not using? What floorplans work best for your family? What local dealers have the types of RV’s you are interested in? What timeframe do you need the RV in?

2. Visit your local dealers and be ready to make a buying decision

We understand that dealerships and salespeople want you to buy now rather than later, and it can seem like a sales tactic when they say, “you better buy now or you might miss out.” However, RV’s are selling fast and if you find something you like, buy it. If you have done your due diligence and followed step 1 above, you better take advantage of the opportunity or you will miss out.

3. Order one

If you are open minded and flexible, but still cannot find an RV that a dealer has in stock, go ahead and order one. While the team at RV Dolphin always recommends buying an RV from your local dealer’s stock inventory, in these crazy times, you may just have to order one to get what you want. Keep in mind that lead times can be from 2 months to 6 months depending on the manufacturer. Also, there can be price increases on the unit and freight increases that the dealer will pass on to you. However, this is something that many consumers are doing to get what they want.