The Essential Steps to the Sale

It’s important for you and the salesperson to be on the same path toward a successful buying process.

The steps to the sale (Salesperson Version)

Meet & Greet-Basic introductions, small talk, trying to build a relationship

Qualifying-What they want, budget, trade

Presentation-Begin showing units and looking for interest

Demonstration-More in depth feature & benefit conversation

Trial close-Do you like enough to work numbers, If I could would you…..

Handling objections-Work on uncovering what is in the way of a buying decision

Close-shake hands and have a deal

The steps to the sale (Consumer Version)

Meet & Greet-Begin with complete honesty and transparency. Have the mindset that the salesperson is your partner through the buying process and really wants to help. Remember, there are a few bad people working in every profession out there, ie-teacher, doctor, etc. However, for the most part the bad ones weed themselves out and the good ones stay and thrive.

Qualifying-Transparency-Be honest about what you have and what you are looking for. You set the agenda as you would like the process to go. Be polite and ask for agreement. (I would like to look at units and will be honest about what we like and don’t like. We may want to work numbers. We may buy today, we may want to continue shopping and think about this) Budget is a tough question, but feel free to give a range. Do your homework online and know what the price ranges are for the units you want to see. Ask about the dealership, service department, and salesperson experience how long have they been involved in the RV industry, you are qualifying them and looking to create a business partnership that benefits all parties.

Presentation-Give the salesperson an idea of other units you really like and be as specific as possible, on size, weight, floorplan, colors, etc. Everyone’s time is valuable and just like when you go to the Dr., you give all the details as accurately as you can in order to get the best recommendations.

Demonstration– Ask your salesperson to share “real world” experience from previous customers, why they bought, what they liked and didn’t like etc. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to and encourage the salesperson to openly share. Ask about service customers. All RV’s break no matter how much you spend on them so let them know you are realistic and would like to hear as many pros and cons on the units they have first hand experience working with.

Trial Close-Be upfront and let the salesperson know that you like the unit and would be interested in working numbers.  Then you may buy, think about it, or whatever you choose.

Handling Objections-Don’t be afraid to tell the salesperson what you like and don’t like. He or she did not build it so they wont be offended, and if you like a lot of things it does not mean the salesperson is adding to the price every time you list something positive.

Close-This is where you feel good about the RV, salesperson, dealership and deal. Everything is in writing and you go into finance to sign papers and set up delivery.